8 Online Poker Danger Signals


Do not let people who are not fooled. Usually this is because they have a good hand and take a look at the next card for free with the hope that they are taking part, but also can be a “slow your game.” This is where the player is the fact that you have a good hand with the hope that someone else to start the bet, so be careful to hide.

The increase after checking (check-raise).

Even more dangerous than a cursory examination. If you get “check-raise”, you must ensure that you have a very good hand, your opponent, because, of course!.


Your opponent says: “I have all my chips in this case, you feel lucky punk?” It can be a stone lantern, but sold first if you need a hand ACTED feel is sure to make the call, otherwise you have to.

times. Petite Recovery.

Smarter known poker players who make a lot of money therefore, should do everything possible to extract as much money as the rest of the table. Sometimes, a small stimulus is a signal. The player wants to bet that go and fill the pot, but not so high as to discourage bet any.

Delay Long before recording or call.

A long time, a player with less experience, has show landing a giant hand. Not sure whether to check, call or raise, and thought for a moment before deciding just to see what happens.

Or like a king on the flop.

If you do not have an ace or a king, and there are three or more players on the flop, this is a very bad failure for you. Makes a great chance that someone more storage. maintained when double-clicked two or three, or are in a flush or straight, out now.

Pair on the flop.

Another big sign of danger. If someone has a third in the hand is safe in a very strong position. Be a good hand or out if you can check and see a free card.

Two or three suited cards on the flop.

Danger -… Someone Alert flush holding two of the same color! playing cards on the table was a large increase in salary or even an all-in again. feel safe enough to be on the bet when this happens?.

By James, ago