What do you do when your opponent to chase a flush? Conventional wisdom says that you can not give him the chance to make the call. In other words, if you have a large, which is quite large compared with the size of the pot and what it would take to ask him to do, because I can not name him. Chances not good enough for your money For example, I have taken the opportunity to 1:04 color, but you only get your money’s 2:01. There you go. But I will not.

Under the online phenomenon, not only do you get a billion acerca NL Hold’em player players who have only a superficial knowledge of the game, you have to remove players acerca million printed any color at any time, regardless of the cost. It’s a good thing, right? Those of us pot odds, understanding, etc. can really benefit from these players, right?.

The answer is yes, sometimes, but not at other times. How many times have aces can not be discharged in the river? How many times have you beaten your September that you can not shake a player on a flush? If you play a lot of poker online, the answer to this question is probably enough. So if you are against hunting, I suggest a different strategy for online games level, particularly small games.

First, you must be able to recognize hunters color. Look for them to paris that let you see the model in how they react. If you bet the pot on the flop and there are two cards on board, they call them? If so, probably a hunter hunting. After this call, they call a tune big change? If so, probably a hunter hunting. A real player will increase in any of these situations to eliminate the hunters just want to see another card. How I can know when the third suited card hits the river and the action is with them? Most hunters hunting season so excited when their plane bigwigs of the river, and that they bet. Very rare to find a player who later hunted disciplined enough to check thoroughly with inadequate prospects.

So, what to do with these people? You can not hunt. If on the turn or river, you take take your stack when you bet. (I speak mainly of tournaments for this example) What you need to do is check the pot. I know that sounds like you expect in. And you are. This strategy depends on if you really throw a good book in the pursuit player. Perhaps the call was all his chips in a flush in his hand. If so, you know, I’ll do the same for you.

Rather than risk all of his chips and his tournament life, pot limit game. Of course, you will not get the highest score in the absence of color, but limit your losses if it meets the lucky SOB in the river. This, too, is an online strategy and one that does not do it all the time, but in low limit games, you can save it in a tournament, and prevents you from throwing your computer out the window.

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